This property is located next to a site that Brown County intends to develop into the “South Landfill and Resource Recovery Park" in the year 2023.

Here is what the Brown County Site will look like. The red lines on the diagram below show the 1142 Mill Road's property boarder and the yellow lines are the high voltage power lines.

Based on an agreement that was negotiated by the Quarles and Brady Law Firm (on behalf of the Town of Holland), there are 16 landowners that are entitled to receive compensation because they own property that is directly bordering the County site. Here is a letter from the attorney that explains the benefits to the new landowners of the Mill Road Property (you):
Quarles and Brady Letter

As you will see in the letter on page 2 of this letter, (in red below), these rights for compensation will be transferred to you, the new property owner. 

Here is the PowerPoint presentation from Real Estate Dynamics explaining the way compensation was determined for each of the landowners. The last page with the financial information has been copies into an Excel spreadsheet so that the annual future income can be projected.

As the spreadsheet shows, after the 7 factor process was used, the amount of money reserved for the Mill Road Property is a 2.95% share of what the town will collect each year in tipping fees.  This income will begin when the landfill begins accepting waste, projected opening is 2023.

Given the 2.95% the property share of the total, and given a known total landfill capacity, an annual fill rate, and a 2014 estimated $2.00/ton value (established by Foth in their Master Plan), the Mill Road Property will generate $7,071 per year, and $84,846 over the 12 year anticipated life of the Brown County landfill site.  As the CPI Index continues to go up the annual compensation you will receive will also go up.  The Siting Agreement spells out how the CPI index is used to calculated the price per ton on pages 61 and 62.

 The Master Plan document that was done by Foth in 2015 is the source for the assumptions used to calculate the estimated annual income.  All information should be independently verified.


In the spreadsheet, the yellow highlighted area represents the percentage this landowner will receive. To determine the annual amount and the total amount of income over the expected 12 year life of the landfill, you can change the price per ton in the blue outlined box (currently set to $2.00) to estimate how a CPI Index change would increase the amount of money you would receive by being the owner of the Mill Road Property.  To make income projections for the future based on changes to the CPI Index, you will need to download the excel spreadsheet, then you can change the $2.00 ton price to see the impact on your income.



Foth Master Plan Info:

Brown County Schedule:


Questions about the Brown County Site can be directed to:

Dean R. Haen MBA, CPM

Director, Brown County Port & Resource Recovery Department

2561 S. Broadway St
Green Bay, WI 54304