The Mill Road Property is already set up to harvest whitetails with over 15 camouflaged tree stands set up in heavy deer traffic areas.

Here is a video from one of the tree stands:

Five of the tree stands are two man ladder stands, perfect for father son hunting or hunting with a friend. The winding East River creates steep banks and concentrated deer movement.

The area is currently part of QDM Management (Quality Deer Management) and has very little hunting pressure.Slide6_Typo

There have been some very nice deer harvested from the property over the years, including a 183 5/8 non typical buck which is the fourth biggest non-typical ever shot in Brown County. record deer by cabin

This is a unique property where a big buck can actually grow old while living on a small untouched tract. The deer have everything they need to survive and thrive on the farm- food, bedding, water, and lots of wooded cover. Consultants and the DNR was used to optimize whitetail deer habitat. Here is a report detailing the actions for improving the land for whitetail deer which was followed. Land Management For Deer Hunting PropertyThe property is not committed to any DNR Programs or restrictions.

Deer in cut